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FramboiseSven LiveJournal
19 July 2006 @ 11:20 am
There will be a visitation Friday from 5-8pm at Niday Funeral Home 12440 Beamer Rd
Houston, TX 77089-5377 (281)464-7200 . The celebration of his life service will be on Saturday morning at 10am at Niday Funeral Home.

For those desiring, a Phi Beta Kappa scholarship will be set up in Christopher’s name at San Jacinto South College. Donations can also be made in his name to the Epilepsy Foundation, 2630 Fountainview, Suite 210, Houston, Texas 77057.
FramboiseSven LiveJournal
18 July 2006 @ 01:05 pm
My little brother Chris passed away last night. To all of you out there, you knew him as framboisesven, and this was his live journal. Chris was the sweetest person I have ever known. Words cannot do justice for the person that he was and I believe that the Lord called him way to early. All that I ask is that you keep my family and me in your prayers. The details for his funeral are being set.
FramboiseSven LiveJournal
16 July 2006 @ 01:54 pm

Be Obscene! Be Be Obscene!

Oh yeah. The new single courtesy of Blue October, "Into the Ocean", hits airwaves tomorrow.
FramboiseSven LiveJournal
I got this from a 15 year old with a really bizarre user name.

message title: "smile"
"hey whats up... i saw your page and i really think you have a nice smile... hope we can get to know each other..."



JUST TWO Days until the wide radio release of the radio cut of Blue October's "Into The Ocean"

Everybody better be requesting "Into the Ocean" by Blue October on their rock stations!!!
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FramboiseSven LiveJournal
14 July 2006 @ 02:23 pm
Top 25 censored stories of 2006.


I will read this when I come home from the bank.



3 Days until the release of the radio cut of "Into The Ocean" by Blue October.

Everybody better be requesting it on their local rock stations :)
Current Music: Blue October - Into the Ocean
FramboiseSven LiveJournal
13 July 2006 @ 10:07 pm
A wife and a husband have finished finalizing their bitter divorce and the wife is retrieving some items from their old country house. Just as the two are finished and the wife is ready to go, she forgets her keys. The wife and husband go look upstairs in the bedroom.

The door-knob breaks and the two are locked in for the night in a windowless, hot bedroom until the daughter comes to visit the dad and will be able to get the door open.

It's basically a tragedy genre with elements of romance genre mixed in (the two reconcile their divorce through the night, and find that although they don't to be married, being separated will bring them closer together as people than they ever were when they were married). About the divorce, initially I had this idea that the two had some kind of cheating or money thing going on. But what I'd really like is if one person realized they haven't loved the other for years on end, you know, something more commonplace, and the other stays married just out of marriage itself.

And their two opposing views of marriage had driven them to their bitter divorce. But through the night, they go through a whirlwind of emotions towards eachother. That's why there's a BAT and a king-sized MATTRESS in the room.
FramboiseSven LiveJournal
13 July 2006 @ 12:49 pm
4 days until the single "Into The Ocean" by Blue October is released

Here's a fun fact: So far, what the guys have scheduled in Europe (in addition to a couple Canadian dates):

London, England

Berlin, Germany

Erfurt, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

and possibly another London, England date.


In addition to the Foiled Album being back to where it debuted (29, a 14 spot gain) on the United States Billboard chart, Blue has made an impressive international splash on Canada.

"Hate Me" is #4 in rock (CAN)

"Foiled" is #38 in sales (CAN)
FramboiseSven LiveJournal
12 July 2006 @ 11:36 pm
And the topic of my 5 page Mythology research paper will be...

Rulers of The Underworld (A Cross-Cultural Study)

Some questions I've already come up with are...

1. How did the Underworld rulers come to ruling?

2. Why do they continue ruling, as opposed to vying for a different domain (e.g. heaven, mt. olympus)?

3ab. Why do they rule over the dead - the evil rulers could just use them for their bidding, right?

4ab. In the case of the Christian Bible myth (in scholarly definition of myth), why does God allow Lucifer (someone he is punishing) to have certain powers and be his constant enemy as the ruler of the Hell domain?


5 days until the radio cut of "Into the Ocean" by Blue October is released.
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FramboiseSven LiveJournal
12 July 2006 @ 10:16 pm
I got my hbo back. Finally, I can stop watching those damn encore channels.
FramboiseSven LiveJournal
12 July 2006 @ 10:02 pm
Tonight's episode delivered like domino's!

I don't know if it's Malan (greasy NY guy with fake British accent) or Vincent (greasy older NY guy with no sense of fashion since he left the business 25 years ago) that will steal this season of Project Runway.

As far as quotes go, Malan wins.

Malan: (in overdramatic faux-British accent) "You know, it's reaaaaally bad feng-shui to have fake flowers in your apartment." (he puts the flowers in the trash, as if they're not in the apartment anymore)

Malan: (discovering that the materials used in the challenge will be all from the apartment, says to camera in overdramatic faux-British accent) "I was SOOOOooo shocked when I discovered that we'd have to be using bedsheets for our first challenge instead of the finer threads that I prefer." (this might be misquoted by a word or two, but the drama is still understated)

As far as crazy goes, Vincent wins.

Vincent ran all over his apartment, grabbing bedsheets and curtains and everything he could find, and what does he do? He puts a fucking WICKER BASKET on the model's head and ties beads to the basket, and acts like its the coolest thing he's EVER seen in his entire life! Even his competitors wanted to say something to him but the german competitor, Uli, said "I wanted to say something to Vincent about the basket on the model's head, but he seemed so proud."

Good lord I need these clips on you tube.