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My name is FramboiseSven, I'm on Livejournal now, blah blah blah

FramboiseSven LiveJournal
11 April
afi, aggies, aim, atreyu, avocados, banana republic, beastie boys, blue, blue eyes, blue october, books, bookstores, bubble baths, burning with desire, candles, careers, cats, christmas time, college, college station, cooking, cotton candy, cuddling, david bowie, day-dreaming, ddr, dir en grey, discussing art, dogs, doin it, dvds, eating out, emotion, equal rights, family, family guy, fashion, fight club, friends, futurama, gay rights, genetics, going out to eat, guacamole, guitar, him, his infernal majesty, houston, hugging, hugs, ice cream, incubus, italian food, j rock, j-rock, kisses, kissing, kittens, kyo, laughing, learning, linkin park, listening, longing, love, love wand, loyalty, making out, malice mizer, masculinity, men, mexican food, milky whiteness, missy elliot, money, montrose, movies, mp3s, mtv, muscle-defined arms, muscles, muscley muscle chests, muscley muscles, music, naked, no doubt, notting hill, nudity, old navy, online games, parties, passion, passion scepters, people :), phi theta kappa, photography, pizza, playwriting, poetry, political individualism, pulsating, quivering, r&b, rain, ralph wiggum, raquetball, ravaging, reading, real world, red lipstick, relaxing, remixing music, rollerblading, rollercoasters, romance, seattle, seduction, sex, sexuality, simmering, smiles, snuggling, spooning, stars, survey's, swimming, talking, techno, tennis, texan, texas, texas a&m university, the beatles, the simpsons, theater, theatre, thoughts, throbbing, tresses, tumescence, university of houston, vile valo, visual rock, web design, weezer, wide shoulders, will & grace, working out, writing,